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Kuching Cavings' virtual cave tours work on any device including headsets but need a reasonably fast internet connection. Choose your tour (Click the preview arrow to try a tour). Use Paypal to transfer the payment to james.HandfieldJones at gmail.com  (replace ' at ' with @) and include your name, email address and desired tour in the note /comment field. Paypals fees are included in the price stated. I will email a link, a username and a password to you normally well within 24 hours. Questions and feedback are welcome to the same email address.

Tour Name External viewpoints Internal Viewpoints Passages (approx) Preview Go Caving Cost
Joara 7 13 500m 5.50
Apin 9 19 800m 5.75
Kapor - Fairy Cave on TheTringgusTrail 14 28 800m 7.50
Nambi - Main cave on BigSpaces 11 34 1200m 8.50

For tour previews, exploration reports, surveys, aerial imagery and much more follow The.Caveman on Patreon